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The Atlantica



The Atlantica Collection is an interesting mix of powerful references coming from Modernist Brazilian architecture.

Alexander Lamont and I have been speaking for several years about doing a collection together. 


We share a real connection and deep appreciation for these noble materials and Alex is always interested in moving the materials, designs and craftsmanship towards a contemporary vibrancy.  


My Brazilian background introduces to the brand an ode to a tropical BauHaus, if you will; represented in the influence from Oscar Niemeyer, Lúcio Costa and Roberto Burle Marx.


Being a Brazilian, born one year after the foundation of Brasília (Niemeyer’s planned capital), the Modernist Movement is always a part of my work, although I had never designed a collection drawn solely from their vision and contribution. 


However, that reference combined with Alexander’s mastery of such severable materials pushed the designs into a whole new territory for me.  It was an incredibly fulfilling experience as a designer and admirer of time-honored design.

Catalog Cover Art
Oscar Desk Sketch
Copan Credenza
Copan Credenza details
The Oscar Desk
The Oscar Desk - Drawer View
Flamengo Screen
Flamengo Screen Detail
Copanema Nightstand
Tijuca Nightstand
Tijuca Nightstand Detail
Lucio Floor Lamp
Canoas Sconce
Sapucaí Chandelier - Gold Mica
Sapucaí Chandelier - Black Mica
About the Atlantica Collection
Price Sheet - The Alantica Collectio
Catalog Back Cover
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